About Us

Cuba has long been a powerhouse in International Sports. Since the early 1960’s the government’s involvement in the every day life of the school children with a focus on athleticism and training the athletes in Cuba has resulted in a ratio medals/population more than ten times the amount of international medals won compared to the USA.  Most notably with Baseball, Boxing and Wrestling the Cubans have become very competitive in many sports internationally. The Cuba Sports Travel Agency has recently become the sponsors of the many Cuban National Teams:  Softball, Wrestling, Fencing, Rowing and Weightlifting.  We will soon acquire more sports in our effort to help the Cuban Sports program get more exposure to international Teams and Events.

Our mission at Cuba Sports Travel Agency is to help Cuban Teams participate in more international tournaments and events.  We are hosting many tournaments and events in Cuba in the future.  We are also going to host along with the Cuban National Baseball Team a Winter League for independent baseball players in October and a College Summer League in June.