Summer Softball

Play with and against Cuban softball players




Casa Breakfast

Breakfast will either be prepared by the "casa's" hosting family every morning during your stay or a community buffet will be provided within walking distance. The breakfast will include many of the traditional foods eaten in Cuba along with drinks.

Lunch Vouchers

Lunch is when you get to experience Cuba's street food scene. General lunches consist of prepared their infamous Cuban sandwiches made of a medley meats and croquettes. Drinks are not provided but National brand products are available at all venues inexpensively.


Museum Tours

Cuba's most identifiable landmark is the Fort El Morro which is at the entrance to the harbor entering Havana. This fort is also home to many museums and amazing views of Havana.  Afterwards we will walk to 'La Cabana' where re-enactors, dressed in old Spanish military uniforms, fire a ceremonial shot with a canon.

Beach Day

Only a short 15 minute drive from our casa particulates awaits white sand beaches and the turquoise gentle waves of picturesque East Havana.